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JENZA Youth Advisory Panel

Our sounding boards, room readers and truth tellers - meet the global group of 18-25 year olds who help to shape everything we do.

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About YAP

Back in 2022, we started to map out what a new work and travel brand could look like. It was a very high-tech affair involving neon post-it notes and a conveyor belt of caffeinated beverages. Two non-negotiables came out of that meeting. One, we needed our community to independently roadtest our experiences. And two, we needed an advisory board to help us decide what those experiences should look like. A month later, we recruited our first Youth Advisory Panel (YAP). Meet our movers and shapers below.

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Aoife, Netherlands

Hello everyone - Aoife here, an Irish native with itchy feet. I am currently based in Amsterdam finishing the second half of my master's program in political science and communication theory research. My time is divided between my passion projects: skateboarding, kendama, and podcasting; and the more obligatory bits: working in international development, reading, and research. My identity can be found somewhere in between! I love traveling and have lived and worked in five different countries, hence my interest in the panel.

Monique canoes in the sunshine

Monique, NZ

Kia ora, I'm Monique. I live in New Zealand, currently in the Bay of Plenty. I am studying towards a Bachelor of Teaching at the University of Waikato. I am a lover of any sport and have recently started rugby and surfing as new sports. As well as working at Waimarino Water and Adventure Park, you can find me any place in the outdoors, playing sports, skating, working or just enjoying nature. I am keen to travel the world and hopefully teach overseas but equally excited to see where my adventures take me.

An image of Luke with his hand on his chin

Luke, Ireland

Hey there, my name is Luke I am 19 years old from Cork Ireland. I have been travelling the world since I was two years old and have visited everywhere from Australia to South America to Hawaii. I have a huge passion for social media and video editing and always capture my adventures on camera whenever travelling. I also play guitar and am big into fitness, movies and much more.

Samia takes a selfie

Samia, UK

Hi, I'm Samia, a Classics student at Cambridge. I decided to join the Youth Panel to be exposed to the travel industry, especially with young people, and perhaps get involved in it soon! I love learning about new languages and cultures (the reason I chose Classics in the first place) and aspire to be a part of something international and creative. As someone with a Bengali background, representation is extremely important especially in industries that lack a space for them. Other than that, I love watching films and visiting museums.

Elizabeth smiles at the camera with a plant in the background

Elizabeth, Canada

My name is Elizabeth and I am currently in my third year of adulting! I love to travel, explore new cultures and meet new people. Although I am from the UK, I am currently living in Canada on a working holiday visa – I wanted to try to combine my professional aspirations with my love of travel. I decided to join the Youth Advisory Panel because I am super passionate about intercultural education and making travel experiences more accessible for young people.

Henry on the piste

Henry, NZ

I have just spent the last three years between Canada and USA working at a summer camp and ski resorts while achieving my ski instructor qualification. I have just finished up interrailing through Europe, and am now in New Zealand doing my working holiday visa. Trying to have the best time and just enjoy every minute.

Adithi smiles at the camera in a park

Adithi, Oz

I was born and raised in Australia, then lived in Bangalore and went to college at Emory University in Atlanta. I'm on a gap year before heading to Columbia University in NYC for my Masters. My first gap year adventure has involved working in all sorts of jobs and travelling back in Australia for the next few months. I enjoy photography, moviemaking, dance, skateboarding, football and playing the ukulele. As an outgoing, curious and determined individual, I was interested to meet individuals with likeminded yet diverse backgrounds when joining this panel.

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What is the YAP?

Our Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) have been with us from the start. Far from being a box ticking exercise, they work with us on a paid basis every week to ensure the voices and opinions of Gen Z are at the heart of JENZA.

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Apply to be on YAP

Our panel consult with our team across a range of campaigns and projects. We pay EUR €20 an hour (or the equivalent) and usually ask for a minimum of a six-month commitment. If you’d like to apply for YAP 2023, please drop your details on the form below and we’ll get in touch when applications open.

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