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Working holidays in Australia

‘Bye friends’ waved Dorothy as she left for Oz on her JENZA working holiday – with visa processing, unlimited working holiday jobs, welcome week and new mates all included.

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We make moving to Australia, finding a job and finding a travel crew easy.

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(It’s a rhetorical question)

Why do a working holiday visa Australia?

The OG of the work abroad world, Australia practically invented the working holiday. With a flexible 12-month work visa, one of the highest minimum wages in the world, and backpacker-friendly employers looking to fill their bars, hotels, resorts and farms with international working holidaymakers – Australia defines the work/life/travel balance. Skip between the beaches, islands and Outback – picking up casual or seasonal work to fund your adventures. Or grow your career working in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth. We're not in Kansas now.

The Jenza difference

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Roadtested arrival week

We use our roadtesters’ experience to shape yours. Which is how we know your first week sets you up with everything you need to live and work in Australia.

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Unlimited Job Hub access

The worst part of job hunting? All of it. Which is why we source and vet hundreds of jobs. Interview before you go, when you land and for your whole visa.

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Yes to no stress

From applying for your Australia working holiday visa to included essentials like your tax file number and Aussie bank account – we work out the details.

Girl and guy on a red canoe in Sydney Harbour with Harbour Bridge behind them on a sunny evening.

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18-30 or 35 years

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12-month visa

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Depart year-round

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Job before you go

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Guided welcome week

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AUD $23.23 minimum wage


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What she said

“I’ve been living my wildest life for the past couple of months so far.”

Adithi, JENZA roadtester

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Getting Down Under

Work Australia | €1,429

We provide the working holiday visa, pre-arranged job and arrival support to live and work in Australia for up to a year.

Starting in Melbourne or Sydney, spend the first week of your working holiday with travellers like you. With seven nights’ hostel accommodation, job workshops, day trips, nights out and a two-day road trip included – it's the ultimate way to settle into Aussie life. Plus, meet your future best mate/housemate/life partner (maybe).

After that, you can head off to start your pre-arranged job. Or hit the East Coast to explore, picking up vetted jobs from our JENZA Job Hub as you travel.

Your working holiday visa Australia allows you to work for a year, changing employers every six months. If you do three months of ‘specified work’ in regional Australia during your first visa, you can apply for a second working holiday visa. This can be joined onto your first visa, or you can return to Oz Dorothy-style before you're 31.

European passport holders must be aged 18-30 (inclusive) or 18-35 (inclusive) to apply – meaning you must submit your application before your 31st or 36th birthday. Once approved, you have 12 months to enter Australia. You can check your eligibility and visa duration here.

You don’t need to have a job lined up before you go, but you must be able to prove you have AUD $5,000 support funds when you enter Australia. You can apply year-round.

Hot for working holidaymakers, Australia has one of the highest minimum wages in the world – currently AUD $23.23 an hour.

Your visa allows you to work anywhere in the country and pretty much do any type of job – from casual to career work.

Typical working holiday jobs include hospitality, tourism, sales, labouring, childcare, retail and harvest work such as fruit picking. Hospitality and harvest work often include discounted staff accommodation – making them a great choice for saving money, making friends and living in stunning locations.

You can also work in industries related to your career, education or trade – such as nursing, beauty, marketing, construction, finance, recruitment and everything in between. Here your earning potential will be higher.

Just be sure to balance the ‘work’ and ‘holiday’ part – you're a long time doing the 9-5 thing when you get home!

Our seven-night welcome weeks depart from Sydney or Melbourne every Sunday. When you book, we’ll grab your flight details to arrange your airport transfer. If you're arriving early and need extra bed nights, just let us know.

What's included

Everything you need to get your visa, get hired and get on the plane – with one-on-one support from people who’ve been.

No drama visa inclusions. We apply for your working holiday visa Australia for you. Once you’ve checked your eligibility in the above tab and paid your deposit, we’ll send you a simple form to fill out. Visas are issued electronically and can take up to two months to process – depending on whether more information is required.

The visa cost (AUD $640) is included in your Work Australia price. We don’t charge a fee to apply for your visa, but if you’d rather apply yourself or already have it sorted – we’ll take £300 (or the currency equivalent visa cost) off the overall cost.

We’ve been there, so we know the plane panic. It goes like this: ‘What if my seatback TV is broken?’, closely followed by, 'What if I can’t find a job when I arrive?’

Our Dream Jobs team scour the planet to find employers looking to take on working holidaymakers right now. They’re pre-vetted to make sure everything is legit, and as soon as you’ve paid your deposit, you’ll get access to our JENZA Job Hub where you can start searching and applying for jobs.

If you’d rather wait until you land, your welcome week includes job workshops from the awesome Welcome to Travel team – our tried-and-trusted Aussie partners. You’ll also have access to our JENZA Job Hub for the full 12 months of your visa.

Scroll the page to check out some of our current Australia job openings.

Your working holiday ride or die, our JENZA Support Squad have all worked the world so can give you firsthand advice on moving abroad. As well as being a geeky bunch of travel nerds and visa whisperers, we're also all mental health awareness trained. Which means we know how to connect like humans – not customer service bots.

On top of being at the other end of an email or video call throughout the booking process, we also include a group call with a live Q&A before you go to answer all your questions.

This fully-guided intro week is all about getting in your comfort zone – and friend zone if you’re flying solo. Starting in Sydney or Melbourne every Sunday, it’s run by our in-country partners at Welcome to Travel and includes everything you need to find your feet.

  • Airport transfer
  • 7 nights in hostels
  • Job workshops
  • Cultural city tour
  • Nights out
  • Surf lesson
  • 2-day road trip
  • Some meals and drinks

    Can't decide between Melbourne or Sydney? Scroll the page to watch the videos.

This is all the un-sexy stuff, but essential and legal stuff you need to start working in Australia. There’s admin days in your welcome week where the team will help you set everything up.

  • Tax file number
  • Australian bank account
  • SIM card

Free (or close to free) stuff Our favourite F word. Score hundreds of overseas discounts with our virtual JENZA X IYTC card.

Earn extra cash Shot it? Share it. We pay for blogs, vlogs, images and videos. DM us on Insta and send us a pitch.

Ask an alumni  Hear from people who've been. We try to have an alumni on every pre-departure call to answer all your questions.

Find a friend Meet people like you. Connect with travellers arriving at the same time on our JENZA Discord group chats.

Book now pay later

  • Secure your spot with €115 deposit
  • Second payment of €430 due before we can issue your working holiday visa
  • Balance due 12 weeks before you fly.

Already have your visa? We don’t charge extra to do your visa for you, but if you’d rather apply yourself or already have it sorted – we’ll knock the cost (currently AUD $635) off your final balance.

About our pricing Our mission is to make working abroad more accessible. Meaning we do everything we can to pay our team, support our partners and make a profit – without screwing over the people who matter. Find out how our pricing works and the people involved in making your JENZA happen.

We also walk the walk, donating 5% of profits to our overseas scholarship fund.

What’s not included


We don’t recommend booking flights until your visa is approved.

Support funds (AUD $)

You may be required to show proof that you can access AUD $5,000 on entering Australia.

Travel insurance

To cover against cancellation, we recommend taking out comprehensive travel insurance as soon as you book.

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Dollar bills

Australia has one of the highest minimum wages in the world.

Pre-arranged working holiday job + minimum AUD $23.23 an hour = making working abroad in Australia add up.

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You shaped travel

What our Aussie roadtester had to say

Before you’re even let loose on one of our JENZA experiences, it’s trialled by either a JENZA roadtester or member of our Youth Advisory Panel. Because if it didn’t fly with them, it’s sure as heck not going to fly with you. Meet Adithi, one of our Youth Advisory Panellists and Aussie roadtester.

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Travel you can trust

Our Extra Mile Promise

Every JENZA experience has been shaped by our Youth Advisory Panel, roadtested by our travellers, and backed by 60+ years of work abroad expertise. But if we still don’t rock your world, we’ll refund the part of your JENZA program you’re not happy with. T&Cs apply

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The Jenza blog


All the inspo and intel on life Down Under


Travel Guides / Australia

A guide to Melbourne’s coolest neighbourhoods

Georgie Birch

We were just in the neighbourhood, so thought we’d drop by.

Who you gonna call?

Let's talk Australia

Get some facetime with our amazing JENZA Support Squad. When they’re not posing for pool pics, they’re making your work aboard adventures happen with their endless enthusiasm and mad traveller skills. These include: parent whispering, visa geekery and the ability to pack a backpack in 30 seconds flat.


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