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Social responsibility

What we stand for

We don’t have it all worked out. But here are some of the things we’re doing to try and make the working holiday world a fairer and more accessible place.

Things that make our world go round.

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Our mission


To bang down doors and break down barriers so that young people can work the world.

Okay, so our mission is serious. But we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We believe that crossing borders has the power to break down boundaries, build cultural connections and bring the world closer together. We also believe in hostel bars and beach days. Because life’s all about balance.

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Some good stuff we're up to

Breaking down barriers

Access scholarship fund

5% of all JENZA profits go to our Youth Access Scholarship Fund, so that annually, we can award funding for selected young people from underserved and lower-income backgrounds to have the career and confidence changing experience of working overseas. We’ll secure an initial job, camp placement or internship, plus cover the program fee, flights, insurance and required proof of funds as start-up spending money. Applications for 2023 funding are now closed, but check back in the New Year for 2024 dates and deadlines.

In good company

B Corp certification

Becoming a B Corp means JENZA will meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance and accountability. From our HR policies to our supplier chains, it basically means we’re willing to have our company drawers rifled through and laundry hung out in order to be transparent about what we do. And join a global movement of businesses who think like we do. The process to becoming a B Corp is a lengthy one. We’re about a year into the journey and are on course for 2024. Check back in Sep 2023 for our annual impact report.

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Down to business

Access and inclusivity

For us, travelling is about embracing similarities and celebrating differences. So, if we’re all about celebrating differences, why is our workforce mostly the same? It’s time to practice at home what we preach on the road. We’ve already started making changes to create a business and culture that attracts global talent from underrepresented and underserved groups. This includes removing the requirement of a degree from all job specs to focus on potential over experience, becoming a remote first business to remove geographical and physical barriers, and moving to flexible working hours to support the life, cultural and religious commitments of our workforce. Check back in Sep 2023 for our annual impact report.

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Cool to be kind

Lower impact travel

What about planes, JENZA: aren't they bad? Yeah, did you see that one with the snakes? Okay, let’s get serious for a sec. There’s no getting around the fact that travelling is carbon intensive. But by their nature, working holidays are the opposite of ‘fast’ tourism. By staying longer, finding work and contributing to the communities and economies we live in – it's a lower impact way to see the world. But do we still need to be more active in owning the impact of our travel decisions? Absolutely. Is JENZA working on a way to do that? Watch this space in 2023.

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JENZA Paper Tear

Mind the gender pay gap

No need. Our CEO and 70% of our senior leadership team are female and are paid an equal salary to the male members on our team.

JENZA Paper Tear
JENZA Paper Tear
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Privacy Policy

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